LongoVital is one of the Nordic Region’s best selling dietary supplements


LongoVital’s history is tied to the history of Professor Flemming Nørgaard in Denmark, who after a long working life started to feel worn out and tired and invented a herbal tablet that made him feel healthy again. As the story goes, one day the professor was served a spicy dish at a restaurant and suddenly started to feel better. He decided to investigate if there was something in the food that made him feel revitalized. He discovered that several of the herbs and spices in the dish were well-known home remedies. The professor carried out several experiments on himself and his friends resulting in LongoVital.

LongoVital – energy from nature

LongoVital contains a daily supplement of vitamins and the herbs: paprika, peppermint, peppermint leaves, rosemary and yarrow flowers. The combination of these herbs, each with a unique medicinal quality, is the foundation of LongoVital’s success.

Longovital today

Today, 30 years after Professor Flemming Nørgaard’s discovery, LongoVital is a well-documented dietary supplement, which is good for your health and has a revitalizing effect. In addition to its home market Denmark, LongoVital is sold in the other Nordic countries and in Poland. LongoVital is market leading in Denmark.

Longovital product family

  • LV Classic:
Includes vitamins and well-known herbs, a combination that has a strengthening effect, helping to make your everyday that little bit easier.
  • LV+Rosenrot:
In addition to herbs and vitamins also includes arctic root
  • LV+Extra energy:
In addition to herbs and vitamins also includes ginseng, which has been used in Asia for thousands of years due to its many medicinal qualities. (Only available in Denmark).

Longovital tomorrow

We are constantly working to improve LongoVital, so that our unique brand will become even better known and more attractive over the next 30 years.